Friday, December 18, 2009

Home for Two Weeks

My baby brother comes home today from Army basics for two weeks. This is his break and we are all so happy to be able to spend the holidays Christmas and New Years with him. I am beyond excited and my mom is just over whelmed with joy and emotion. My dad, husband and I picked him up from the airport this morning, we all had the day off. He looks awesome in his uniform and he is just so happy; you can see it on his face, he was meant to be a soldier. Although, during a time of war in which we are in is very scary to say. I have always know what the word proud meant, but I have never truly 100% felt what proud means to feel. Today for the first time, I know what PROUD feels like. Seeing my baby brother in his uniform was almost un-describable. Here are some pictures from today!

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