Thursday, April 30, 2009

Everything Loved in April

Rain, and a lot of it! April Showers bring May flowers has sure been the case for us this past April! We have gotten so much rain this past month and it was very much needed. We got about 10" of rain in the middle of April and about 12" of rain at the end of April. The rain was appreciated but the flooding during the end of month was un-expected and devastating to those whose homes and/or cars were flooded. Our grass and trees are so green and full of life because of all this rain. On a downfall, all this water is bringing on lots of misquotes and bugs.....ewww. I will be calling the exterminator soon!

Finally, my Chesnut Brown Antique Pinch Pleated Curtains from JC Penney. I ordered them when they were on sale (and they hardly ever go on sale) and they arrived in just a couple of days. I paid only $69.99 a pair compared to $119.00 a pair and bought two pairs for a total of $150.00 including tax. They turned out fabulous!!! Even my sweet hubs likes them a lot. I love the way curtains make a room feel and they bring such elegance to this room. I stained the rod and bought all other accessories from Loews. I will post details on this great and easy DIY project next.

Oh and we can not forget about my Birthday present. My new Signature Medium Zoe Coach Purse. I had been on the hunt for a new nice purse and my love for Coach was calling my name. I found this beauty on the sale rack at Macy's; I took a look at it, feel in love with red, the size of this purse is just perfect, it has great inside pockets and zipper enclosure and I love how it hangs on the shoulder. And did I mention that it was on sale, from $348.00 to $261.00 and I used a $50.00 Macy's gift card. I will get so much great use out of my new Coach!

Lastly, Vacations!!! Our 5 day get-a-way cruise vacation was much needed and very relaxing! We had a great time with our very close friends and made wonderful and funny memories! Vacations are a must for us at least 2 to 3 times a year. Our last one was last October, 5 days in Vegas for my cousin's wedding! I can post pics on that soon too.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Back to the Daily Grind

Ahhh, we are back from our little vacation, back to reality and life as we know it compared to being on a ship in the middle of the ocean and having no worries in the world. We had fantastic time on the cruise with our friends. The weather was absolutely beautiful and breezy, the water was the most turquoise blue I have ever seen and the sand in Cozumel was pure white!

We left the beautiful Carribean to come home to gross, overcast skys and an afternoon/night filled with lightening, severe thunderstorms, wind, flooding and over 10" of rain in one night. But, the hubs and I did both come home with lovely dark tans and a very relaxed body and mind, so the rain really wasn't too bad, in fact it was pretty relaxing until nightfall when the weather got really bad. If you live in Houston, you know that it floods very easily and I myself have been in my share of floods throughout my young life and let me tell you, they are no fun! I have been through three floods in only four years growing up from being a freshman in highschool to freshman in college; But that is another whole story...

So, when it rains for over 12 hours straight and it becomes daylight again, it leads to a morning of chaos, flooded streets, feeder roads, bayous and cars. We were fortunate and our house and vehicles are fine. But there are thousands who homes and cars did flood. I got to work at 8:45am and it was slow pretty much the whole day but great for me to play catch up from being gone. Ahhh, to be back sitting on the beautiful beaches of Mexico...

Pics from our trip will be posted soon!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Out with 25 and In with 26!

You read it right, today is my birthday. Out with 25 and in with 26! I love birthdays; Birthdays are the reason we get to celebrate individually the important family and friends in our lives and I feel it is a big deal to make people feel very special on their birthday!

I don't feel any older, mentally I mean, I never do. Physically, well that is another story. There are days that I have a hard time realizing that I am not 18 years old anymore. Crazy, I know. It still amazes me that I am an adult, out of college with a business degree, working for the same company for 7 years now, married to a wonderful man that I call my husband, living in a beautiful new home with a mortgage payment that makes it all worth it and the talk of having babies in the very, very near future. This is my life! Wow, I still get tickled sometimes to think this is where I am. I am so very happy of where I am and am truly blessed.

So, back to my birthday. I am working half a day, then heading to Galveston, TX with our best friends Mark and Jenny. The rest of our whole group of friends is meeting down there as well for dinner at the Fisherman's Wharf on the water. We are staying the night at the Harbor House Hotel and the next day we are all sailing off on a 5 day Cruise (Thurs-Mon) to Cozumel, Mexico for a our other friends wedding who are getting married on the ship! Fun times to come with all of our great friends! When we return, we will celebrate my birthday with my family that following weekend.

I will post pics when we return and also a pic of my birthday present from the hubs, my new Coach purse! Bon Voyage!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Blessings

The hubs and I had a great Easter Sunday with my family at my parents house. Great food, great company and an adult Easter egg hunt that is funnier than watching the 'Charlie don't bite my finger' clip on you tube. Scott and I made out very well with money and giftcards and are very thankful to have such a giving family. We then headed to Blockbuster, our favorite place to buy movies, bought a couple on the great deals they always have, you know the buy four for $20 dollars, and then reneted two, 'Marley and Me' and 'Seven Pounds'. We got home, put up our leftovers, of course the hubs made another plate, he can eat for three people and I swear he has a tape worm in his belly, LOL, then got comfortable on the couch and watched/cried 'Marley and Me'. Wow, such a great movie and such a wonderful story!!! I can't wait to watch it over again. Hope everyone else had a wonderful and blessed Easter!